Email Address Requirement Policy

To preserve the integrity of our certification program and properly authenticate new candidates attempting CompTIA certification exams and/or current CompTIA-certified professionals, CompTIA requires all candidates to use a unique email address when accessing their records via CompTIA’s login page at

Individuals who wish to attempt a CompTIA certification exam and have never created or been assigned a unique email account will be required to create an email account before creating a CompTIA account and registering for a CompTIA certification exam.

Sharing an email account with a friend or family member is not allowed. In addition, candidates are discouraged from using multiple email accounts when attempting multiple CompTIA exams, as this can create duplicate accounts for a single candidate, resulting in confusion for the candidate in the future. This may position candidates to breach other CompTIA policies accidentally.

There are many organizations that provide free email services. We encourage candidates to choose their preferred email provider and use a single email address for all future CompTIA certification engagements. Please contact with any questions about this policy.