Refer a Friend as a CompTIA Subject Matter Expert

Urge your friends and colleagues to sign up and qualify as a CompTIA subject matter expert (SME) and you’ll be rewarded for it! We invite you to participate in the new CompTIA Subject Matter Expert (SME) Referral Program.

In an effort to continuously grow our pool of CompTIA SMEs, we want to reward our current SMEs with a $​200 bonus honorarium for referring their potentially qualified friends and colleagues. The friends and colleagues you refer will be rewarded with a $​75 bonus honorarium as well.

It’s simple! Encourage your friends and colleagues who might be interested in lending their expertise to our exam development efforts to apply using the following link: Become a Subject Matter Expert.

Once a friend or colleague who you referred qualifies to serve as a SME and attends a workshop, you’ll receive a $200 bonus on your next workshop honorarium check!*

Were You Referred?

When completing your application to become a SME, simply include the name of the person who referred you on the application where indicated. If you qualify and are selected to attend one of our exam development workshops, you’ll receive a $75 bonus on your first workshop honorarium check.

General Rules

  • The referral program and its rewards are only applicable to new CompTIA SMEs who apply online and include the name of a current SME in the application.
  • New CompTIA SMEs who were referred by a current SME must qualify for one or more programs and must attend a workshop in order for either party to receive any program rewards.
  • Current CompTIA SMEs who refer their friends or colleagues must attend a future workshop in order to receive a referral bonus.
  • Only those new CompTIA SMEs who list a current SME on their application will be rewarded with a bonus.
  • The referrer and referee do not need to attend the same workshops throughout the year.
  • The $75 bonus will be paid to the referee after his or her first workshop. After the referee's first workshop, the referrer will be paid the $200 bonus at his or her next workshop.

*The bonus will be paid to you at the next workshop you attend but only after the SME you referred also attends a workshop.