Choose Your Activities

CompTIA offers two distinct paths to renew your certification. You can complete a single activity to meet your renewal requirements, or create your own plan of activities to renew your certification.

Renew with a Single Activity

If you prefer a direct path to renewal, there are several ways to renew your CompTIA certification with a single activity. Choose from options that include CompTIA CertMaster CE Training and more.

Renew with Multiple Activities

You can choose to earn CEUs over an extended period of time by completing multiple Continuing Education (CE) activities that will help you reach your renewal goal. Your options include attending pre-approved training, gaining work experience, publishing blog posts and more.


At a Glance: Renewal Options for Your Certification

Some renewal options may not be available for the CompTIA certification you are renewing. To see an overview of the single or multiple activity choices to renew your certification, click on View Activities below.