CE Program Audit Decertification Appeals Policy & Process

After a certified professional has received an email notification of invalid continuing education activities resulting in decertification such person will have thirty (30) calendar days to respond by email to ceaudit@comptia.org with a request for appeal. The certified professional will be sent an appeals document to be completed and mailed to CompTIA.

A certified professional’s appeal will not be considered after such thirty (30) calendar day period has expired.

If CompTIA determines that the appeal is received in a timely manner the information submitted by the certified professional will be sent to the Continuing Education Appeals Committee, which consists of voluntary industry peers. Two (2) members of the Continuing Education Appeals Committee will be appointed to act as an arbitration panel for the appeal.

The arbitration panel will deliberate and decide the appeal. The decision of the Continuing Education Appeals Committee is final and binding as to all matters related to the appeal. Certified professional would then be notified in writing of the appeal decision.